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Playing with wool

Tuesday, May 5th, 2009

This year I took on the challenge of Program Chair and Vice President of the local Embroiderer’s Guild (EGA), Valley Quail.  As part of my responsibilities, I am responsible for planning the program at the monthly meeting.  In search of one hour sessions for our monthly meeting, I decided to try my hand at teaching Wool Applique. I’ve dabbled at this for years, making pillows and ornaments but have never tried to teach a class.   As anyone who teaches knows, you can choose to skim the surface or you can take a deeper dive and give your students a rich and rewarding experience.  I went down the “rabbit hole” and surfaced with a new, profound appreciation of a form of needlework that has always given me pleasure.    I’ve worked practice pieces, tried new threads and experimented both with hand and machine methods.  While the class is still in development, some lively experimentation has turned into gifts of love for two very special women in my life.

My first gift was created for Amy Anderson’s birthday.  She’s my friend Karen’s Mom and joy in my life.  The bag is quilted and has a wool appliqued pink Gerber daisy, on black wool attached to the front.  I’m also happy to report that I drew the daisy myself and will be able to use the pattern in future course offereings.

Amy's bag

The second bag was created for Dode Walker.    Dode is an amazing woman; teacher, former needlework shop owner and constant cheerleader in my life.  I wanted something as classy as she is so the harlequin bag was born.  It has a rib-less corduroy bottom, red satin lining, red and gold clematis wool applique, and button embelishment.

Dode's bag