I can’t seem to stop…..

When I was in my 20’s, I couldn’t cook. I didn’t grow up in one of those households where maternal generations of women gathered in the kitchen and shared. I could make a few recipes, but cooking to me isn’t just the recipes, it’s the technique of why I do something.

After many failed attempts (I couldn’t even boil rice), I began to get my “food” legs and made my first Souffle….Life International Cookbook Series, the cooking of Provence. It was a great success. If I had to name one moment in my life when my cooking mojo took a shift, it would have to be the day I made that first, beautiful, perfect cheese souffle.

Fast forward 30+ years and a lifetime in the kitchen. About a month ago, I got the bug to make a souffle for dinner. Little did I know, it would lead to this…..

Cheese Souffle

Reliving the dream...the original recipe that started it all

Cheese Souffle

Doesn't this look amazing? It tasted wonderful too

Next it was on to Spinach Souffle; enter Julia Child…..  Why not go to the source of all things French and see what Julia had to say about the souffle.  The first volume of Mastering the Art of French Cooking is filled with the why’s and wherefore’s of it all.  The results were spectacular….

Before baking

Baked Spinach Souffle

Coming of the of oven

Spinach Souffle...chef with prize!

A trip to the farmer’s market brought us to Strawberry Souffle and a recipe from Epicurious.com – http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/food/views/Strawberry-Souffle-with-Sliced-Strawberries-5247

Strawbery Souffle

A thing of beauty..

Strawberry Souffle being served

Delicious too!

The latest chapter in the Souffle Extravaganza happened last night.  It was back to Julia and Salmon Souffle for Valentine’s day.

Salmon Souffle

Coming out of the oven

Salmon Souffle Done

Ready to eat, a Valentine's treat!

So now where?  Maybe it’s time to switch to a new challenge…….Oh Juliaaaaaaaa

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  1. Volena says:

    Loved the blow by blow description of the souffle dinner….hope your dinner guest were foodies!

  2. lindajcasey says:

    Except for dessert, these were just for Don’s and my gratification. The Strawberry Souffle, another couple of foodies.

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