Going home

May 7-8 – Munich/Sacramento/Concord

Guten Morgen Nate! (Good morning!)

We got up, had breakfast, checked out but left our bags at the front desk. We wanted to spend part of another day hanging around Salzburg. We crossed over the Salzach and strolled around that side of the town, had one final lunch at Demel’s, then returned to the hotel to pick up our bags.

We took a cab to the train station and waited on the platform for our train to Munich. One last chance to look at the mountains around Salzburg.

View from Salzburg train station

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Welcome to the land of beer and jet lag

April 16-20 – Munich, Germany

Dear Nate:

Yay!  April 16th and we’re leaving for Europe!  Don and Linda packed all our bags, and the four of us (“Bear” came along too) stopped for dinner in Concord on our way to Sacramento.  Our plane leaves April 17th, so we spent the night in a motel near the Sacramento airport.  For the next three weeks we’re going to visit Germany, the Czech Republic, Poland and Austria.

We’re going to write a journal for each city we stay in; this journal is for Munich, Germany (and the trip there).

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