Where did all these people come from?

April 23-27 – Prague, Czech Republic

Dobry Den Nate (that’s “Good Day” in Czech):

Our stay in Rothenburg was over, so it was time to take another train trip. This time we’re going to Prague, which is in a country called The Czech Republic. It used to be part of a larger country called Czechoslovakia, but a few years ago they decided to spit into two countries. The other part of Czecheslovakia is now called Slovakia.

The picture below is a special train car that just shuttles between Rothenburg and Steinach. This was the same train we arrived on.

Train between Rothenburg and Steinach

After another train change in Ansbach, we made it to Nuremburg again, were we had time for a quick lunch in the train station (left) before catching the train that would take us all the way to Prague (right).

Nuernburg train station Train to Prague

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