The hills are alive – with the sound of Mozart

May 4-6 –¬†Salzburg, Austria

Gruess Gott Nate! (That’s the way they say hello in Austria and Bavaria).

We got up, packed up, had breakfast, checked out and headed to the train station to catch our train to Salzburg. Like many large cities in Europe, Vienna has more than one train station. We had arrived from Krakow in the South train station, we left for Salzburg from the West train station. Here’s a picture of Linda and me in the train station, and a picture of the train car we road in. This time we were back a first class car. It was very nice. We saw a lot of beautiful countryside; Don took a lot of pictures too.

Vienna Westbahnhof Inside of OBB first class car Austrian field of yellow Austrian country church Austrian countryside

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