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I just can’t seem to stop

Tuesday, January 26th, 2010

Making the twisted scarves has been a lot of fun.  They really are mindless and oh so easy; great for watching TV or riding in the car.  I’ve just finished a pink scarf and it has found a home with my physical therapist, Michelle.  She had fun playing with my black scarf one morning in PT and I decided to make one for her.  I used the eyelash, a cotton candy type fluffy yarn and a bamboo in a slightly darker shade.  The scarf is heavy like the black one but has such a different life to it.  I have to admit that I bought enough thread to make another black one for our groomer, Kathleen, who is always so wonderful in taking care of Molly and Sophie. I also bought red eyelash and red wool and will play with that combination.  I’m also going to try alternating the color on the rows and make a striped scarf.  I’ll try a sample swatch with the black and pick leftovers and see.  These are just like popcorn, I just can’t seem to stop!  The added benefit is they make people smile when they see them and equally so when they try one on.



Everything old is new again

Monday, January 18th, 2010

As I’ve healed from my shoulder surgery, I have many things to be grateful for; a husband who has taken unparalleled care of me, a son who came home from school on winter break to take over in Don’s absence while he made a quick trip to Egypt to a client, a holiday full of family and love, a great doctor and physical therapists and a rebirth of interest in an old form of handwork; crochet.

With one shoulder in a sling, I was unable to knit or quilt.  Hmmmm, what to do now?  I could needlepoint but only small canvases since I had to hold them in my left hand.  I needed more variety.  While fondling my stash of yarn, wanting so much to pick up needles and knit, I came across my stash of crochet hooks.  When I was a girl, my maternal grandmother taught me the basic stitches and I created scarves and hats and the like.  Four years ago while on a business trip to Iowa and totally bored one night, I set off for Michael’s in search of something new.  I found a book on crochet stitches, bought some yarn and a hook and went back to the hotel and practiced.  Nothing much materialized in the way of final outcome, but fun just the same.  Now fast forward to December.   Crochet?  Hmmmmm, I could hold the hook in my right hand and only use the left for the feeding of the yarn.  A few bits of practice and I was off.  I’d found a great website from Lion yarn and a twirly scarf with only 4 rows of double crochet.  What could be easier.  So I set off with yarn from the stash, a quick trip to Joann’s for a size P hook (rather large) and in just two sittings, I had my first completed scarf.  Wow, what a sense of accomplishment.   So on Christmas day, with my red twirly scarf over my red sweater, I looked very festive.  Here are two pictures, twisted and untwisted of my first scarf.



I so enjoyed the first one that I dug through my stash and found some lovely soft brown yarn, a complimentary fleck yarn and some brown wool and started a second scarf.  I had no idea what I was going to do with another one of these, but what the heck, they were fun to stitch (more on that later).

Jo liked the red scarf and I seized on the idea that I could make yet another so I asked “Would you like one too?”.  Why yes she would.  Oh goodie, another one to make.   So off to San Francisco the day after Christmas, to Britex for yarn.  I came home, put down the brown scarf and immediately started on Jo’s.  It was pink, soft and fuzzy and a joy to work on.  I finished it the next morning just in time for their drive up to Davis to visit friends.  With that one done, I was back to the brown.  Well, I got within 5 inches of the end of the 4th row and what do you know, I ran out of yarn.  So I ripped it back and made it three  rows.  All the while I worked on it, I knew in my soul who this scarf belonged to…..Dode!  Yep, so off in the mail went completed scarf number 3.

I was like an addict, looking for my next fix.  Not driving much yet, I had Don take me to Joann’s in search of more yarn.  These were like popcorn, something I just couldn’t stop making.  So I decided to make myself a black fuzzy scarf to match my coat.  With eyelash, boucle and plain soft worsted, I began the creation of scarf number 5.  Again, I got to the last 7 inches and again I ran out of one of the yarns….but this time I was quick to go back to the store and get another skein.  But wait, see that pretty blue yarn over there……I can’t stop myself.  Two coordinated yarns and off I went again, this time another for Jo to match the LLBean vest from Christmas.  Oh, and some pretty pink silky yarn and a matching fuzzy.  What’s one more.

I came home and in less than an hour, had the black fuzzy scarf done.  I wear it nonstop with my quilted black vest and feel very chic.untwisted-black-scarf


Now off to Jo’s second scarf.   The nubby yarn was a pain in the butt but the final product is very fun.  Since the kids live in Southern California, lightweight is better than heavy.  I finished it in a jiffy, took its picture and am ready to mail it.



I’ve peeked into the bag of pink yarn, but another project has caught my eye and while I will start it soon, I’ve rediscovered another stitch my grandmother taught me.  The afghan stitch or Tunisian Crochet.

Epilogue…… this crochet extravaganza has been fun, creative and very satisfying.  Churning out so many scarves so quickly to the delight of myself and my family.  But a side benefit happened; I felt a closeness to my grandmother that I hadn’t had in a very long time.  She died in 1978 at the age of 75 and as the years have passed, her memory, while still present had lost its vibrancy.  I found that again and what a gift it was.

School has started again so I’m knee deep in research papers and group discussions.  My crochet time is being eaten by things more pressing.  But I see the light at the end of the school tunnel, with graduation in June.  I also see more time for stitching….  I do have to admit, that I have tried crocheting and reading at the same time.  Not too successfully, but hey, why not try?

So, from a ripped up shoulder and subsequent surgery I’ve received many gifts.  My glass is more than 1/2 full, it is overflowing.